International Hearing Instruments Developer Forum 2019

Oldenburg (Germany)
June 13th-14th, 2019


Enrique Lopez-Poveda
Lars Bramsløw
Birger Kollmeier (Oldenburg, Germany)

Short description

The international Forum for Hearing Instrument Developers is a meeting for scientists, engineers, clinicians and managers involved in developing the system technology for hearing instruments. It hosts approx. 60-90 individuals (on invitation only) mostly from universities, research institutions and the industry. The current meeting is the ninth in a series of biannual conferences that started in 2003 at the "House of Hearing" in Oldenburg/Germany.

The invited plenary lectures will provide a view into future trends and perspectives. The parallel sessions will cover aspects of hardware, algorithms and audiology of hearing aids that will be introduced by short impulse presentations (approx. 15-20 minutes) followed by intense discussions in a small group of experts (approx. 15-25 per session). These impulse lectures should provide a view on some of the "hot topics" of the parallel discussion rounds.

The conference will be a low-budget conference (i.e., no conference fee, organization and meals sponsored by the cluster of excellence “Hearing4all” and its translational research centre (run by HörTech) with support from the hearing aid companies GNReSound, Oticon, Sonova, Starkey and WS Audiology and the cochlea implant companies.

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