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Preliminary Program 2017


Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Optional pre-meeting session in the House of Hearing: Company Showcase & Barbecue 2017.

Thursday, June 1st, 2017


09.00 - 09.30  Welcome, Introduction (H. Dillon, R-P. Derleth, B. Kollmeier)
09.30  Harvey Dillon (NAL, Sydney, Australia): Are good outcomes driven by good devices, good clinicians, or good clients?
10.15  Discussion
10.30  Coffee break
11.00  Marc Rene Schädler (Univ. Oldenburg & Cluster of Excellence Hearing4All): Model-based prediction for hearing aid outcome
11.45  Walter Karlen (ETH, Health Sciences and Technology):  Appropriate design of hearing aid apps: Usability and design reflections
12.30  Discussion
13.00  Lunch break
14.00 - 17.10  Discussion sessions:
- Simulating real world environments and behaviour in the laboratory
- Perception of hearing aid delay and sound quality in challenging listening environments
EEG, physiological signals (EOG,…) and hearing
15.15 - 15.45  Coffee break
17.15  Plenary discussion
18.15  Evening event

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

09.00 - 09.45
 Holger Blume (LU Hannover): New perspectives for hearing aid hardware design
09.45 - 10.00
 Coffee Break
10.00 - 13.00
 Discussion sessions:
- Open platforms for hearing aid research
- Binaural hearing aid fitting, superdirectivity and evaluation
- Borderline patients and the bridge between hearing aids and cochlear implants
11.30 - 11.45
 Coffee Break
13.00 - 13.30
 Final Plenary meeting & Roundup
13.30 - 14.15
 Lunch Break
 End of meeting
 Free for small meetings and consortial

Discussion sessions - Areas

Discussion sessions (one session from each of the three areas is included in the Thursday afternoon or Friday morning time slot):

Area I) Hardware/Acoustics
Area II) Signal processing and algorithms
Area III) Psychoacoustics and fitting

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