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Preliminary Program 2011

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

"Open house day" for the house of hearing on June 8th, starting at 15hrs.

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03.00 – 03.10 PM Welcome & Overview - Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier

03.10 – 03.30 PM "The past, the present and the futures of Hearing Research in Oldenburg" - Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier

03.30 – 04.00 PM Assistive Technologies, Audio Signal Processing, Psychoacoustics, audiological diagnostics: Short overview of the topics dealt with in Oldenburg

04.00 – 05.00 PM Open demonstration session: See, feel and discuss with us!

05.00 – 05.40 PM Neurosensory science , technical hearing systems, Evaluation, Rehabilitation, Education & advanced training, Facilities & Service: Short overview of the topics dealt with in Oldenburg

05.40 – 06.30 PM Open demonstration session: See, feel and discuss with us!

06.30 PM Barbecue in the Auditory Garden

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Plenary Session

9.00 – 9.30
Welcome & opening session
(B. Kollmeier, K. Smeds, N. Dillier)
Norber Dillier  (Univ.Zürich):  Conventional vs. implantable hearing devices – an audiological and technological view
Coffee break
David Moore (Inst. Hearing Research, UK-Nottingham):
Internet-based training and rehabilitation
Simon Doclo (Univ. Oldenburg):
Lunch break
14.00 - 17.10
Talks and moderated discussions in the three areas (see below)
15.15 - 15.45
Coffee break
Concluding discussion & report from work groups
(K. Smeds, N. Dillier, B.Kollmeier)
Science City Party and Barbecue with (electrical) sensations and a touch of history (HorstJanssenMuseum)

Plenary talkers

Norbert Dillier (CH-Zürich):
Conventional vs. implantable hearing devices – an audiological and technological view

David Moore (UK-Nottingham):
Internet-based training and rehabilitation

Simon Doclo (D-Oldenburg):
Wireless sensor networks and the future of hearing devices

Discussion sessions - Thursday afternoon

Outcome measures (benefit, speech recognition, listening effort)

Co-Chairs: Karolina Smeds(S-Stockholm), Thomas Berends (DK-Kopenhagen)


Karolina Smeds (ORCA Europe, S-Stockholm) - Speech tests in the lab and the field - An introduction

Michael Schulte (Hörzentrum Oldenburg, D-Oldenburg) - Realistic lab tests.

Mary Rudner (Linnaeus Centre HEAD, S-Linköping) - Cognitive spare capacity as a measure of listening effort

Adriana Zekveld (VU Medical Centre, NL-Amsterdam and Linnaeus Centre HEAD, S-Linköping) - The use of pupillometry as measure of listening effort.

Michael Schulte (Hörzentrum Oldenburg, D-Oldenburg) - Subjective rating of listening effort.

Wireless connectivity and use cases

Stefan Launer (Phonak, CH-Stäfa)

2:00 pm
Stefan Launer (Phonak, CH-Stäfa) - Introduction: Wireless Connectivity

2:10 pm
Brian Dam Petersen (GNResound, DK-Taastrup) - 2.4 GHz Link: Potential and Limitations for Hearing Instrument Application

2:35 pm
Tim Trine (Starkey, USA-Minneapolis) - 900 MHz Link: Potential and Limitations for Hearing Instrument Application

3:00 pm
Magnus Norgaard (Widex A/S, DK-Vaerlöse) - Near Field Magnetic Inductive Link: Potential and Limitations for Hearing Instrument Application

3:25 pm
Coffee break

3:40 pm
Homayoun Kamkar Parsi (Siemens, Erlangen) - Binaural Noise Reduction Algorithms

4:05 pm
Steven Thoen (NXP, Leuven) - Future Wireless Link Technologies for Hearing Instruments

4:45 pm
Cuno Pfister (Oberon, CH-Zürich) - The Internet of Things

Cochlea implants and hearing aids: Synergies and indication

Co-Chairs: Volkmar Hamacher (D-Hannover), Andreas Büchner (D-Hannover)

2:00 pm
Introduction, Impulse Presentation,  Co-Chairs

2:15 pm
Anisa Visram (Univ. Manchester, UK-Manchester) - Acoustic Cues relevant for BimodalFitting Strategies

2:35 pm
A. Büchner (Hörzentrum Hannover, D-Hannover) - Frontend Signal Processing for Cochlear Implants

2:55 pm
Michael Büchler (University Hospital Zürich, CH-Zürich) - Application Potential of Sound Classification Systems for Cochlear Implants

3:15 pm
Coffee break

3:45 pm
Michael Dorman (Arizona State University, USA-Tempe, AZ) - Combining acoustic and electric stimulation: Signal processing, Indications and benefits

4:15 pm
V. Hohmann (Univ. Oldenburg, D-Oldenburg) - Algorithm Synergies between Hearing Aids and CIs

4:35 pm
U. Baumann (Univ. Frankfurt, D-Frankfurt) - Bimodal and Hybrid Stimulation - Fitting Procedures

4:55 - 5:15 pm
Final discussion

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Plenary Session

9.00 - 9.45
Kathy Pichora-Fuller (Univ. Toronto)
Elderly Persons and hearing aids
9.45 - 10.00
Coffee break
10.00 - 13.00
Talks and moderated discussions (see below) in the three areas
11.30 - 11.45
Coffee break
13.00 - 13.30
Final discussion, topics for future conferences
13.30 - 14.15
End of conference
Free for discussions in working groups or visit of the Universität Oldenburg campus or departure

Plenary talkers

Kathy Pichora-Fuller
Elderly Persons and hearing aids

Discussion sessions - Friday morning

Elderly Persons and hearing aids (epidemiology, target conditions and target SNR, ubiquitous processing, ease of using it)

Chair: Inga Holube (D-Oldenburg)
Co-Chair: Ulrike Lemke (Phonak, CH-Stäfa)



Mathias Knigge (grauwert Büro für demografiefeste Produkte und Dienstleistungen, D-Hamburg):
Universal Design - Moving Away From a Deficit-Based to a Transgenerational Approach

Martin Kinkel (Kind Hörgeräte, D-Grossburgwedel):
Practical Aspects of hearing aids in day-to-day use

Ulrike Lemke (Phonak, CH-Stäfa):
Hearing impairment in old age - needs, challenges, and obstacles towards hearing solutions 

Marie Öberg (Div of Technical Audiology Linköping University, S-Linköping):
Hearing difficulties, uptake and outcomes of hearing aids in people 85 years of age

Christian Füllgrabe (MRC - Institute of Hearing Research, Nottingham):
Speech-in-noise identification in elderly listeners with audiometrically normal hearing

Acoustics of the ear canal (and applications)

Co-Chairs: Sridhar Kalluri (USA-Berkeley), Morten Nordahn (DK-Vassingeröd)

Sunil Puria (Stanford Univ., USA-Stanford) - Ear-canal reflectance and pressure: Parameter modifications in a 3D biocomputation model

Kevin Munro (Univ. Manchester, UK-Manchester) - Uses and benefits of probe tube microphone systems

Matthias Blau (Jade Hochschule, D-Oldenburg) - Notes on the prediction of the sound pressure at the ear drum

Stefan Stenfelt (Linköping Univ., S-Linköping) - Own generated sound: Ear canal sound pressure, perception, and influence from hearing aid gain and occlusion

Morten Nordahn (Widex, DK-Vassingeröd) - Mixing of amplified and vent-transmitted sound

Model-based hearing instrument algorithms & Hearing aid fitting

Chair: Torsten Dau (DK-Lyngby)
warming-up presentation


Ray Meddis (Univ. of Essex, UK- Colchester) - A biologically-inspired hearing aid

Bert de Vries (GN ReSound and TU Eindhoven, NL-Eindhofen) - Bayesian Machine Learning for Hearing Aid Design, Fitting and Personalization

Graham Naylor/Thomas Lunner (Oticon Research Center, DK-Eriksholm) - Cognition and hearing aids – six years later

V. Hohmann (Univ. Oldenburg, D-Oldenburg) - Fast multichannel compression based on a simplified auditory model of compression and suppression

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