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Science City Party

Evening Event: Beach Party celebrating "Oldenburg - the city of science 2009"

Oldenburg is Germanys City of Science 2009 - and the participants of the Hearing Instruments developers forum are invited to join a beach party and barbecue with (acoustical) sensations from below and above the water to celebrate this event!

Important: Please bring swimwear and a casual outfit!

The Hearing Researchers from Oldenburg did not only contribute to Oldenburgs success in the "city of science" competition among several cities in Germany (see, e.g., the award-winning trailer which was partially recorded in the house of hearing & auditory garden, the establishment of the new Fraunhofer Project group Hearing, Speech and Audio technology, the initial success in the national excellence competitions), but also contribute to several of the lead projects ("Leitprojekte"), especially "Grenzenlose Klangwelten".

This evening program will offer a little specimen of the "limitless soundworlds" where live concerts (above the water) are transmitted and auralized underneath the water! Join us at the adventure spa "Olantis" where you can cool down from the scientific program, swim & hear, swim without hearing, or just hang around at the beach area and enjoy a wonderful summer evening in the city of science 2009 - with music, colleagues, drinks and a barbecue!